The Huge P.e.n.i.s Festival are the Most Attractive for Women at Japan | News

The Huge P.e.n.i.s Festival are the Most Attractive for Women at Japan

Thousands of people registered in Kawasaki Island to attend an ancient Shinto festival, which has now become a memorial for S.e.x** !

Do you know? The country of great repute and gentleness,It is surely referring to Japan. The Japanese are smart and never bow to each other, and always bow to each other and become a normal thing.

But when it comes to different religions, it seems to be a bit complicated. One of the country’s most sacred festivals is the Kanamara Matsuri Festival, or “Festival of the Steel Phallus,” which is held every year on the island of Kawasaki in the south of Tokyo.

The feng shui festival is usually held on the first Sunday of April in Kawasaki Island’s Kondas district. Participants in the festival will have a huge penis marching across the city. Mikieys are made up of dozens of residents who happily wear bustling clothes and trousers.

Kanamara Matsuri is a religious ceremony associated with Japanese Shinto religious and naturalism. The ceremony was organized by Archbishop Kanayama Jinja as the organizer. For many centuries, Kanayama is where couples pray, pray for their children, and the harmony of their marital life. A prostitute also goes to pray there to help prevent infection.

During the seventeenth century until the 19th century, The sex workers have often come to pray for sexually transmitted infections because they have sex. In addition, you and your spouse come here to pray for fertility and sexual well-being. But this tradition had once disappeared during the late 1800s. In the 1970s, Hiramikana Nagamar decided to re-establish the festival.






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