A Man Surprise Marry to a Cancer Woman at Hospital Because… | News

A Man Surprise Marry to a Cancer Woman at Hospital Because…

​A woman with a terminal cancer has kept the masses away from her eyes as she marries her longtime boyfriend, Her hospital bed after receiving a surprise marriage proposal the same day.

Yang Liu and 39 years old finally married her boyfriend Peng Xin on February 23. 2016 at a hospital in Hubei province where she was He has been hospitalized for 8 years.

Yang, a supermarket charger who has been told she can survive five years, says: “I had imagined there were plenty of opportunities. For my wedding day. I never thought it would happen in the hospital, but I was also happy. “

Yang was diagnosed with breast cancer in February, when it was impossible for her to perform life-saving surgery.
Peng, he is 43 year old air conditioner worker from Sichuan province, has been working for a long time to see Liu, even though both parents have never agreed on their relationship. They’re both.

However, when Liu’s condition improved significantly after a month of treatment at the “Central Hospital of Wuhan” Hospital, Peng realized At the secretive sheriff, she surprised her by asking her to marry.
After receiving the consent of Liu’s doctor to marry in the hospital room, Peng hosted the event with the hope of getting donations from Doctors and nurses at the hospital.






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