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The Cow is Grandma’s Husband and Go to Live With Grandma

The most famous stories in Facebook and in recently international newspapers are 5 month old cow by a local villager believed to be his adopted husband.

Khim Hang and 74 years old , said that more than 100 people came to visit grandma’s house in Kanhchor commune, Chhlong district, Kratie province, to see the cow. Grandma said that cow’s behaved look like her husband, His name Tol Khut, who died a year ago.

Grandma said that “I believe this cow is my husband because whatever cow does … is like my husband did when he was alive,” she told Reuters Television.
The cow was born in March and drew great attention from social network users.

Thach Vin 32 years old said of the video she saw on Facebook: “I think it seems strange to see cows go upstairs. So I came here to see it with my own eyes. “
When you reach the house, the cow is served cleansed and put in bed with a pillow used by a ratchet.



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