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Two Boys Escaped School and Hide Under a Bus Because ….

There are some student who have been away from school when they was young, but they have different reasons for escaping the school.

A Chinese source has reported the rape that two boys escaped to hide in the bus because of the mother’s death. On November 23, 2017, two Chinese boys, age 8 to 9 years old sit under the bus. Their whole body was dirty and dirty. They were known to escape the school and then hide in the bus to get out of the city to find their parents.

Very difficulty to find them under the bus, it took more than three hours to reach its destination and found two children underneath the bus, After discovering them under the bus. They are wonder the reason why the two children were hiding behind and hiding behind.

The boy said that because he missed his parents too much and knew he was working outside the city, they just came looking for him. In fact, his parents went to work in the province of Guangdong, so that the children very lonely, their relatives lied that their parents were working outside their immediate neighborhood.




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