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Two Monkey have S.e.x on American Tourist’s Head

An American tourist went to visit the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Indonesia. So he offers one a banana to give that monkey eat.

But the monkey he offers the banana to excitedly climbs up his legs, up his torso.
The man thought that this would end with the monkey taking the banana and going on her merry way. Little did the tourist know that there was one very aroused alpha monkey who was provoked by the whole ordeal.

Of course, the tourist had no idea what was going on, and he figured maybe this bigger, heavier monkey just wanted a piece of the female’s banana. But oh no, no, no , no no no don’t do like this…..!

monkey is behind the female primate and he begins a series of what can only be described as vigorous, enthusiastic humping! Once the tourist realizes what’s going on, he did what any sane man unwilling to participate in an inter species threesome would do ,and moreover he quickly lays the two copulating creatures down onto the ground to resume their bid to save their species.
that is very funny monkey have sweet love.






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