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A Man Caught Having S.e.x With A Goat

A man simply identified as Shina Rambo has been nabbed. i have feeling love his goat and he want to have sex with his goat. while having intercourse with a female goat.

According to reports, Rambo, from Ukwuani, was having sex with the goat in his bed room and then the goat cry that attracted neighbours and passersby, and immediately they forced his door open and caught him in the act and take photograph of his face and with the goat.

they mock him so much and also some people want to go to tell the police about that bad action that he did to the goat.
The representatives of the leader of the community who arrived at the scene later disclosed that Rambo is a serial rapist. One of them said that: “He did not start this today.

He has done it in Ogba and Ibieguai before he was chased out of these communities. and he almost did it everyday.
we have told his father and mother to leave this community immediately. We have left him before now because his father is a good man and very kid man. he has to make some sacrifice to appease the land, he will leave this community with his mother.”

every people hate him so much.
so people think that he is crazy to have sex with the goat that is very nasty.
yeye b

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