A Man Unhappy But He Decide to Marry with Older Woman Because He want……

This is the true story of a man who married with older woman and her name is Meyneang,…

Malaysian woman who posted the video on a social network site that surprised her and celebrated, especially when the groom was depressed, while the old bride was smiling and happy.

The gurus also claimed that he did not want to get married if his family did not have financial difficulties, but he did not regret that he was able to make one of his lover’s family happy. This can have a great happiness in the future.

At first, people who use social media mock their wedding, but after they realize it, they are very sympathetic, with some admire the man’s heart that he can live with people he does not love.

At first, the man refused to drink the wedding banana, but the bride gave a lot of money, so the man agreed to drink.
do you think that this is true love or not? or love money???



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