A Woman Nose Surgery was implant poking through her skin | News

A Woman Nose Surgery was implant poking through her skin

Many people shock to see a woman have problem with her nose surgery and it look so terrible too. And also they have feeling uncomfortable for her problem.

Nowadays many people want to get more beautiful so they go to hospital and take plastic surgery without knowing that is very dangerous. but some people know about the problems too. Anyway they don’t care. they just want more beautiful only.
Such as this woman. we really pity her.

However, as awful as hating the way you look is, there’s one thing worse: botched plastic surgery.
This truth was epitomized when one brave patient posted a horrific photo of a silicone implant poking through her skin after her nose job went horribly wrong.

The unidentified woman reportedly shared images of the nightmarish mishap to send a warning out to others considering surgery at the Thailand establishment where she was a patient. According to news sources, the unnamed woman went under the knife in Thailand’s southern city of Hat Yai, hoping that a rhinoplasty would give her a more pronounced nose.

Although all seemed well at first after the procedure, it later became clear that the cheap surgery was going to cause more problems than it solved. Eventually, the woman is said to have turned to medical professionals near Thailand’s capital of Bangkok for help. Reportedly, one plastic surgery hospital in the popular tourist destination provided her with treatment to have the implant removed at no extra cost.

For this woman’s gruesome story shows that, although plastic surgery often works miracles, it is sometimes a massive gamble and you never quite know what you’re going to end up with.
So we wish this woman get better and hope she gets the surgery she deserves soon.

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