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So pity a baby was born with a strange leg because….

The baby was born at the hospital is a child of a poor family living in Prey Rokar village,Svay Rieng province. The baby was born in Svay Rieng Provincial Referral Hospital.

Mr. Kong Than and 46 years old is a father of the baby born with a thread around his legs. Older boots say stickers or scratches and traces that are thought to be traces of torture in the past. But I have never seen a baby born with a strap of thread, with its legs attached to its true, visible eyes, yet it is only happening to my children. Mr. Kong said that after my baby was born, not only my wife and I were surprised, even though doctors worked there, everyone was awake.

Even doctors who work there are shocked to say that since they did not see any babies born with a real braid, Just like the baby I was born with, my son looks like a tied-toe leg.
38 years old name Ouk Sopheap is mother of a baby with strings attached to his legs, said that before my son came to birth, there was a midnight As I was sleeping, I dreamed of a Frenchman, a tall, tall man, I said, Hey! We give her a pair of bracelets.

When the French touch my knees, in that moment, I saw the pair was very beautiful, peppered with golden color, I accepted. My thumbs and wrists instantly appeared, but suddenly, after I had an arm and ankle, suddenly the ring became a simple. I tried to pull out too, remove the camera The cut was not interrupted, and while I was pulling the strings, it appeared that a magician had a hair on his head. There’s a word on the necklace that says to me that you break the thread without trying any hard work.

It was not broken because the thread was tied up by her hand Ouk Sopheap said that since that dream, I started to have this baby weight, but I did not think I would ever see it. Gregorian like this. But in the time I was pregnant, I never went to the Echo screen, because I had no money or went to a health center for pregnancy. Also, because of the pregnancy, I have never been different.

Until the pregnancy, my husband sends me to give birth to Svay Rieng Provincial Hospital. I went to rest there one night, and then the baby was born to surprise the hospital when I saw my baby with a thread Hold it in the foot as if wrapped in something.
In the case of such a strange incident, a medical student at the hospital expressed surprise that he had never seen a baby born with a collar. Like a baby. The surgeon said that the fertilization was normal, but why did it become that of the embryos in the womb?
For this strange story, believe in magic, said that the baby was a human being before being tortured by Tied with a thread and thread from a strong giraffe, and it was born with a string of yarns here. But despite the birth of a baby born with such a strange phenomenon, the baby’s parents were not sexually active. Strangely make many people surprise and pity this baby.

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