9 years old boy look like a ghost because of cruel disease

Cancer is very cruel disease, it can make life change completely, it evolves rapidly in the body, causing the body to degenerate.

A news source posted a sad story of a 9 years old boy look very thin because of cancer, leaving the body with only a hideous skin. The child was identified as Arif, who weighed 45kg, an active kid with sports and drumming.

Things turn out bad when there are periods of snow and headache, and parents often take this kid to the hospital.
The doctor said that the tumor on the left side of his head, the muscular cancer cells, pushed their eyes off the scary exterior.

His weight is steady so far that he is only 19 kilograms, so the shape becomes extremely disgusting. The tragedy was posted on social networking sites as it seeks to find people who are kind enough to help the poor family Because his family was not able to help him enough, because his father was only a truck driver.

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