Really unbelievable, The newborn baby dead and something happen is very strange….

According to foreign sources, a couple had premarital babies. It is only six months.

This is because of the mother’s health because she was busy and no enough time to care her health when she was born and her mother listened to her breath, but did not seem to breathe, and buried in the back of the house and her wife went to the hospital.

Königsberg husband said when he was born, he did not find his son breathe, he took the child to re- buried behind the house. Pet Salon will be surprised to see immediate physical receipt to the body also observed that the breath was taken to hospital life-saving success girl aged only 1.8 kg, some cases shapes softened a little.

This story is also good news and bad news The treatment will cost a lot of money they are making rural poor families have no money in the cure, but fortunately also relief community to provide assistance to save young children so far, some cases strong Notably can say whether the world, many children whose fate as a child, buried in the ground and in the breath.

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