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These 5 ways to help the size of P.e.n.i.s So Big

There are few men who are always upset about the size of their penis. In fact, the size of the penis is completely unrelated to the sex life, so that the peers reach the top of the penis Techniques such as Oral Sex, How to Use Your Fingers and Swabs.

Here are some simple ways to extend the size of a miniature naturally growing naturally:

1. Exercise to lose weight
In general, obese men tend to have a smaller size, as most are covered by the skin. Penis. So the first way is to lose weight first.

2. Use penile wrists
enlarge the penis size, you should find the right time, any of your penis lobes learn each day at a specific time. That we do exercise. Do this even though it may take a while, but it does not matter what happens.

3 Take a bath with warm water
Hot baths can make blood flowing in the body, especially the blood that moves in the penis. If possible, you can take 2 to 3 minutes a day to take a hot bath before going to work or before Sexual activity.

4. Eat healthy food
These include fresh vegetables, fatty fish, and fruits. These foods are a type of food that supports physical and sexual health.

5. Squeeze the penis at least 40 times a week
Gently squeeze the penis but do not overreach, then count 5 and release your hand. Do this at least 40 times a week. You can do this one day a day, avoiding doing every day because it can make you hurt your penis.

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