The Obesity Boy there are 9 people to carry him to go out.

A Chinese man weighing up to 250 kg he say at home for many year without go out , but recently he want to look at the world for the first time after staying at home for three years.

The 20 years old name Hang Hang, from Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China, is now out of the house, he uses 9 firefighters to get him out. Hanging out of the house is a group of journalists preparing to take the giant men out to ventilate and he is really happy.

Meanwhile, Hang’s mother has told the Chinese media that her son weight gain since he was 15 years old when he weighed just 150 kilograms. Later, and he started up to 250 kg today.

Hang’s mother also said that her son at one time consumed a lot of meals, such as 10 pancakes, a large bowl of vegetables. Hang’s mother, however, she worried that her son may die because of obesity because there are many people have died because of obesity.



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