5-year-old girl suffering of stroke in the brain is crying for charity relief | News

5-year-old girl suffering of stroke in the brain is crying for charity relief

A 5-year-old girl with a brain fluid is brought to her mother’s arms to ask to help this kid with money to support her daughter for go to hospital.

A woman name Paul Savoeun Chey her aged over 40 years, said her daughter called soda, 5 years old with standing water in the brain from birth, and every Buddhist, always carrying his daughter sitting in his budget to increase to get the money to buy milk, nappies and some appliances for feeding this kid.

The mother said she had taken the poor daughter to Kantha Bopha Hospital, and the hospital also helped, but the doctor said she could not be cured or had surgery. Meanwhile, the Smile Children Organization also helps with rice and a little money for a child to learn when she is taking a child to the hospital and every month she is still receiving medical treatment for her daughter.

The girl’s mother continues to say that her baby can not be heard, but she can not walk, she sleeps on her cart and is always shocked. Her husband has made a shortage of money to support his family.

Finally, the mother of the poor girl asked the government leaders and generous charities to save her daughter and provide as much as possible to help ease her difficulties and her daughter. He also appealed to generous people to help his disastrous daughter.
Source: TVFB


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