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Gloves 502 Glasses These tips can help you …

If glue 502 stuck to any part of your body, including eyelid and lips, rush to do the following, immediately avoid other risks:

1. Handwashing in warm water with soap in vinegar, glue will fall off of the hand and rubbing gloves from the glove It’s up.

2.Remove the polish from the nail polish on the hand with the glue.

3. Medicated Oil Menthol above the glove place also glue.

4. Use the alcohol to apply on the glue or paste, then apply the same glaze.

5. Pour 2 teaspoons of salt and rub at a glaze for 30 to 60 seconds with a glue.

6. If the lips are rubbed on the lips, the lips will be warmed for a moment.

7. A glaucoma case on the eyelid must be warmed with warm water on the eyelid and gently rubs. If it is in the eye, take the same hot water cloth and do not try to open your eyes and rush to the hospital.

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