Wow… A Man Caught The Big Python Pregnant has about 100 eggs.

A supermoon was recently discovered by researchers at the Everglade National Park in Florida, USA, and a pomegranate was brought to the abdomen at the laboratory there, and unexpectedly found nearly 100 eggs.

That is very Surprise this rarely happened before. Experts also confirmed that the pyramid was a Burmese python and a species that had been imported to the United States nearly 30 years ago. The cut-off snake, measuring 5.4 meters in length, weighs 74 kilograms and has 95 eggs, according to the University of Florida’s specialist team.

Everglades is a pyramid shelter that originated in many Asian countries, which was imported in the 1990s. Researchers did not confirm that the snake had died because of it, suggesting that after being screened, they snatched it.



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