A woman gave birth to her son and then she decide to kill that baby. | News

A woman gave birth to her son and then she decide to kill that baby.

A baby boy, have been born for more than a week, has been spotted. Disposal at a garbage dump by wrapping a cow-hide towel at the corner of Monivong Boulevar.

This sighting is awe-inspiring to other citizens She looked and criticized the district authorities for ignoring Immediately, leaving the baby for nearly two hours in the middle of the field On the public side. A woman works at Daun Penh district, where she stands Says that at around 6am, a man drove a cart Come to a stop near the garbage pile at the top to pick a bottle of pure water and orange juice Abandoned while in physical condition The garbage pile was found with a pink cap Something.

Doubtless, the man looked up and found the body of the baby with a face Bruising and wounding with the head on the head seemed to suffer Solitary or cheating after family quarrels. You look at the body of the baby that was thrown at the garbage pile It has been speculated that the infant died for unknown reasons Born just about a week, weighs about two kilograms of hair, the black head looks pretty Love.

Some have complained that if they die, they should be buried in a place that is not suitable They will be thrown away, like the carcasses of such animals. Such issues should be investigated by the competent authority Keeping this kind of culture does happen in today’s Khmer society, if you try Research can identify sources that have been removed. A local police official said the body had been taken away A cargo compartment behind the French embassy is in Srah Chak commune Daun Penh the same morning.


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