A woman picks up a baby monkey and feeding monkey with her breasts. | News

A woman picks up a baby monkey and feeding monkey with her breasts.

An Indian woman, Namita Das, because she will not give birth to a baby boy and give him a family name, has been criticized by locals for being crazy.

According to sources, four years ago, while Namita’s husband spotted a sad little boy in a pitiful condition during a tornado. Due to the sympathy of her husband, Namita also brought the baby back home.

Namita said the monkey was really very upset if he could not help it. Finally, she decided to give her baby breast milk to save her life. Afterwards, Namita and her family decided to take care of the monkey and even considered a son in the family.

In addition, even his daughters Namita, Dipti and Tripiti love to love the monkey as one of their boys and even named him a Buru baby. According to the source, Namita’s family earns only 6,000 rupees (about $ 93) each month, causing her family to face financial problems. However, his family still refused to give up the baby Buru and even bought a lot of expensive cow’s milk for him, because Namita had no son.

A result, many villagers claim that he is a crazy person who has adopted the baby monkey and given it to be like a human.┬áNamita has been raising this poor little monkey for four years and says, “I will continue breastfeeding the baby as much as it needs. It’s still a small monkey for me. ” “It’s not my pet, but it’s my son, because I have no son, but now God has given it to me,” she said.

Sources from the town say no one can bring the baby Buru from Namita. Because he really loves the monkey out of his heart. Namita added last year that he did not care whatsoever about any other man, wanting to know how he did not care because he was worried that Buru was his son, not a pets.

In India, the son is highly valued as equal to the diamond more than his daughter. Because the son is entitled to do everything, while the daughter has no rights.

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