An Indian boy has a relationship with the monkey in the forest and then……

Two-year-old Shamir Gari, from Alapu, near Bangalore, southern India’s Karnataka state, was nicknamed Mowgli in the movie after he had a friendly relationship with a number of wild monkeys.

The boy is known to be associated with almost 24 white monkeys. He was found in a strange habit while he was playing in the village alone. According to media reports, his uncle, Barama Reddy, was initially afraid that the 20 monkeys might attack his nephew, but later he said that the monkeys were very good because his nephew had fed them.

What makes the internet player the most interesting is that these monkeys have come to the village every day, and they also visit their friend “Samat Gaga” and sometimes even go to the house. In addition, they also wake up if he sleeps.

The villagers assumed that the boy was the only one in the community who could communicate with the monkeys because he had a special relationship. “Everyone thinks he’s a special person and they are communicating and can understand what they are saying,” Raid told reporters.


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