The longest hair women at china they cut their hair only once in a lifetime

In a small village in China, a village in the Tao tribe, there is something to be shocked that the women of this nation have only cut their hair all their lives.

Women in this village generally have 2.3 meters of hair, and they always wear a headscarf to cover their hair, except during the annual festivals.

According to the local newspaper Red Yao, women in the Tao tribe cut their hair only once in their lifetime, before they were married.

Depending on their beliefs, having a hair cut will make them wealthier and lucky for their families. During their annual festivals, the women in the village gathered and they were allowed to pick up the hairdressers.

The drop was not for anyone to climb up the tall temple like Rapunzel in Tangled, but to wash and comb their hair with a river near Huangluo Yao village in Guangxi.




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