Really surprise, a woman before wedding her friend test virgin | News

Really surprise, a woman before wedding her friend test virgin

On the day of her wedding, crowds gathered to congratulate the bride.

Organizing fun to celebrate the wedding of the bride and groom on a great day has become a popular practice that many young people have backed up. However, now the applause becomes transformed beyond the limits under the sign of happiness.

Accordingly, the bride is wearing bright red clothes, but a close friend of the bride, including men and women, still do not hesitate to sneak nude and look clean on the bride to check the virginity of the bride. But this activity is a bit rude, with a direct friend on social media, shocking the audience and bringing shame to the bride.

Even though the cameras were stolen, but apparently the bride’s friends did not intend to stop them, they still laughed happily back to the negative.The activity of this friend has made the public share the most immediate. Just a short time after posting this video on social media, it attracted a lot of viewers.

A social network player said, “What kind of friends are you? Another social network player wrote, “The groom does not get angry when others do the same for his wife.” Another friend wrote: “Creating friends like jokes is unacceptable.It has been reported that this is a record of marriage in China.

A group of teenagers organized a traditional game after the couple ended their wedding ceremony to return to the marriage hall. These games are usually made by a close friend of the bride and groom who plan to celebrate happiness and wish good luck for the couple. However, these events have become very negative and do not keep up with the original meaning.

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