The Villagers Wonder a Woman Buys 230 Palm Tree in her house after they knew so awesome. | News

The Villagers Wonder a Woman Buys 230 Palm Tree in her house after they knew so awesome.

Villagers really wonder a woman suddenly buy 230 palm trees in her house for a surprise visit! “Do not know what she do?”

Can say that’s a ridiculous thing to do Songkhla villagers and those who know these stories are noteworthy. Kandaloyb recently received information that the experienced 50-year-old, almost unbelievable Make Serbia a lot of sharing on social networks online.

According to the survey,her named Chuong Yi Jung, a 50-year-old who lives at 145, 5th street, Razhe Cement district, Song Kala province, is very emotional at home with about 200 palm trees.

She said that before he had been living with her familly in Pattani since he death, she decided to relocate to her hometown with two children. After living in Songkhla province, she counseled her relatives about how good a business should be to raise children and earn money.

At that time, one was advised to try to raise the drowning and telling the rites as well as earning their income. But in late 2016 one of their families, one of the most affected flood victims, caused floodwaters to accumulate a lot of money and then started raising again in early 2017.

Currently, villagers living in the 5th street of Cau Se Xuan Cemetery in Song Kla province have turned to four cantons. But because of the demand of the market, it is still possible to earn a living, raising both children. Currently, her has 230 pieces of rice stamped at home with 230 kilograms (about 24,400 riel) of condensed coconut milk mixed with water for 2 nights before dredging for 10 breeding females, 5 females, 5 plumbed and closes 2 times per day cement with time to feed a month, half, or 45 days, can also be collected for sale at The market price per kilo is 170 baht (about 20,700 riel) and breed breeds can be sold at 1.5 baht (about 122 riels).

Nowadays, collecting cosmetics for sale three times a day, at 1kg, only 2½ months can save capital, and in full harvest of 5-6 months. For coconut trees 2-3 days, change out once and see that it is gone, it is changed, so that the lard is on to make it easier to harvest because it is grown coconuts, if not changed, the cormorant will go down.

Until 6 worm coconut palm trees blown a hole can also sell well in 1 base price of 20 baht (about $ 2,400), with the acquisition to plant trees or a vegetable garden brachea_kruosaear Besides fertilizers in Palm also bought 1 sack cost 25 baht (about $ 3,000). Visitors aunt and discouraging sales revenue dangkouvduong 1 500-600 baht (about $ 60,000 -73,000) _noe aunt raising children in the family lived comfortably.




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