Really Surprise at University after knowing that their teacher used to be S.e.x Film Star.

An overwhelming surprise emerged after a group of students found that their mathematics professor was a former porn star and s.e.x film star.

Formerly known as Ruggero Freddi, a professor of mathematics at the University of La Sapienza in Italy.
The Italian-born professor, who has a masters degree in computer science and previously worked as a computer engineer for years.

But after his job as an engineer, he went to the United States to become a porn star until 2013. Later, he returned to Italy and continued his Master’s degree in Mathematics and started professor of mathematics.

In an interview with journalists, the professor said that his former life did not affect his current job, and he loved and enjoyed what he did both in the past and in the present. He stressed that being a movie star is a fun job and can make a lot of money, and now he has a good job, and he said that he will not go back to the past.






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