A man buy very old car but he try to creative it look so awesome. | News

A man buy very old car but he try to creative it look so awesome.

It’s the real story of a guy who’s buy a car that has surprised everyone. Everything we think is worthless, but if he is very creative to that car. it’s worth the price.

The man first bought a racing car for only 10,000 baht. His friends and neighbors scoffed at him, stupidly buying the scooter to make it happen like ferret scrap metal! Looks like there’s nothing special about this fool who’s taking money to buy this worthless thing.

The man replied that we can not evaluate the appearance of the naked person, the same person. The value is worthless or worthless, depending on the person who determines. He will show what they think is wrong. You all know that in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Three weeks ago, the boy had been shocked and shocked by the villagers and his friends, who drove a completely new, even-ever-throated, car with a $ 1 million price tag. Those who once mocked him in the past did not dare to talk anymore, in addition to the village of the bride, they all advised him to know her daughter and said that he wanted to give his daughter to the man as long as he wanted to, no matter what kind of girl he loved and a fortune-teller bride to be his wife. This is only waiting for him to be the recruit







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