The Ship Explode or Sink in The Chinese Sea and cause serious natural disasters | News

The Ship Explode or Sink in The Chinese Sea and cause serious natural disasters

Iranian shipwrecked ships with Chinese vessels on Saturday are continuing to be devastated by the Great Flood of the East China Sea.

The ship may explode or sink and blow off the environment, which is a disastrous natural disaster. Chinese authorities announced on Monday, January 8, 2018. Chinese rescue team forced to work for 32 Iranian tankers forced to pull back Thick and dense toxic smoke. On the other hand, the weather is unfavorable for the rescue and for the missing.

Until the morning of January 8, the fire continued to flare, the flames were burying the 274-meter ship that would Make the ship explode or sink at any time. According to Chinese sources claiming to have seen an unidentified dead body floating around a few kilometers from the ship.

In addition to efforts to rescue the missing, Chinese authorities are searching for ways to avoid natural disasters because the Iranian tanker, Tanker Sanchi, contains crude oil. More than 1 million barrels of barium. Greenpeace experts have already expressed their concern about natural disasters caused by the spill.

If Iranian tankers were to explode and sink, and the total amount of 136 tons of oil leaked into the ocean, that would mean the sea wave Will create the worst environmental disaster ever in the last few decades.

Life on a large surface of aquatic animals and plants will be destroyed! According to an environmental scientist at Tsinghua University in Beijing, but despite high fortunes, No matter what the catastrophe is, it takes a long time for the boat to return to normal life. Two Chinese special ships were sent to the scene Monday for tests to contain the spill.


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