A Bad Man Very Cruel to have S.e.x and then he fight that woman. | News

A Bad Man Very Cruel to have S.e.x and then he fight that woman.

A man saw a woman near his house he try to look her and unbearable burglary also triggers for sex, but she refused, the male hunters angry strangled unconscious act of rape to be done and try to escape the woman victim himself, he filed a complaint with the competent authorities to intervene and arrest subversive Bring punishment laws.

The case of the male bastard kidnapped and raped the widow, until she was arrested on January 6, 2017 at the victim’s home in Sre Pou village, Chab commune, Prey Kabas district. The woman was arrested on January 7, 2018, when she was arrested on suspicion of rape and murder of a widow. The suspect, who had been raped by police after she was raped, was identified as Song Piseth, a 25-year-old resident of the village. The 31-year-old widow was living in the same village.

According to the woman testified that before the incident, on the night of January 06, 2018, while she was asleep in bed in the house alone, suddenly appearing gang suspects named Sacred Song, a neighbor familiar affection, open mesh into her sex relationship, but she refused, the suspect polemists began strangling her until she Unconsciousness unconscious when his senses were raped until suspects already decided, the suspects fled, making her sad and agree to submit a complaint to police arrest gang research has taken legal action.

Local authorities have confirmed that after receiving a complaint from the woman in the morning of January 7, 2018, police also searched to find the suspect, Song Piseth, for questioning. In front of the suspect, Song Piseth admitted that he really raped the widow. The suspect went on to admit that the reason he decided to go to the rape mosquito net for a long time, this young widow has been behaving so well that her hand so hard that he can barely sleep on the night of the night, but also approached her desire to conciliate her, but reaching out to the woman is arguing and trying too hard So he got angry, then grabbed her unconsciously and opened the offensive until he escaped, but finally escaped from the handcuffs.

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