A Man Has Many Black Heads On Nose Extraction (Video) | News

A Man Has Many Black Heads On Nose Extraction (Video)

Blackheads Just the word itself gets people riled up. If you suffer from them, you’ve likely been fighting a never-ending battle.

This seems like basic advice, but cleansing can go a long way to help prevent dirt and oil from accumulating in your pores. Rinse skin in the morning to get rid of any bacteria that might have transferred to your skin from your pillowcase. You’ll need to cleanse again at night to get rid of the makeup and dirt that coats skin throughout the day.

If you work out, a third cleanse is required. It seems like overkill, but you want to remove any sweat and oil from the face to avoid clogging pores. I’ve been in a war against blackheads since I first discovered Bioré pore strips back in high school (seeing that black gunk is just so satisfying).

According to celebrity facialist Cecilia Wong from Cecilia Wong Skincare in New York, those tiny dots are a sign you need to treat your skin ASAP. “A blackhead is a combination of oil and dirt mixed together,” she tells SELF. “If you don’t take care of your pores, eventually the dirt and oil will accumulate. If someone has a lot of blackheads, you can feel it—the skin is rough, scratchy, and bumpy.”

There’s a slew of products out there that claim to banish blackheads, but which method is really the best? (You may be thinking you already know the most obvious and fastest way to get rid of them: Just extract with your fingers. Yeah, don’t do that.)

With the help of a few pros, we gathered the six best ways to get rid of and prevent blackheads — a mix of home remedies, prescription, in-office and over-the-counter methods. As with all skincare regimens, it’s important to remember that regular maintenance is just as crucial as the ingredients or methods themselves. Once you’ve found the approach that works best for your skin type, sticking with a routine is half the battle.









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