A Man Trying to Buy S.e.x Doll by Online Hopes to be Beautiful but the painful result……

One of the most ridiculous things after a man decides to show off a porn cartoon he ordered online.

At first, the man expects his dolls to be clean and of the same quality as the seller mentioned, but when the goods arrive, he almost speaks out.

The man was known as Taiwanese, and he said on his Instagram account, as described by the seller cartoon online porn as a luxury toy, good quality and cheap, only $ 49, while Japanese sex doll worth thousands of dollars, and what makes him cling doll is worth more than $ 40 Dollars to look like real women, almost one hundred percent.

The man said that after the order, he had to wait for a long time, dreaming of having sex dolls, but everything was completely dissolved because the goods came to hand, and when he opened the cartoon box, he saw that he felt very angry.

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