Because of Money, a girl almost die because of having S.e.x with Eel (Videos)

Recently, a well-known British website, The Sun, published a beautiful Chinese woman named Zhang, who made a shocking and shocking story, having made a live video on the website called Tiger Live of China.

The thing that surprised many people was that she put a condom on the head of the eel and then put it in her penis, but because of the tornados, the eel passed through her penis and into the abdomen.

Then she just got so frustrated that she did not know what to do in her stomach, so she decided to go for surgery to bring the eel out, but it was really good luck for her, with the surgeon done with the animal out.

It should be reiterated that more than 10 percent of people in China who have been deprived of their livelihoods, have encouraged some to do so to get a decent amount of money to support their family, even though they do not think it is right.

Please visit videos below:














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