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So Pity The Cow Fire Burned

This painful scene makes many people pain so much. On a Thai news site published an article about a cow was burned, haunted scene.

These images quickly received the attention of many. The scene of the cow lying on his knees in the cage, the fire burned, the intestines all out pain, mercy. The image of the poor cow was burned, and the bowels came out
This family has seven cows and calves in the cage, when the fire emits, only three escape and the remaining are burned in the fire.

When the fire is extinguished, the husband and wife farmers only know the pain, regret. The fire burned down the cowshed of an unfortunate household. The original cause of this unfortunate fire has yet to be found, suspected of playing a bad guy because of the prosperous man in the area. What is left behind the fire caused the head of the household to hurt. Animals burned to heartbreak



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