Strangely Newborn Baby Are As Small as the feet of the human finger.. | News

Strangely Newborn Baby Are As Small as the feet of the human finger..

The IBC website has reportedly made a remarkable rendition of the Indian hospital for the life of a baby born prematurely, and weighing just 400 grams.

It is the smallest child in the world. The body is very strong and weighs 2.5 kilograms. Born in 2017 at the Sivan hospital in the city of Pursat, the state government only weighs 400 grams, as the picture shows that the baby’s feet are the size of the old finger.

Mothers of old age are 50 years pregnant by injecting sperm because of 35 years of marriage and no babies naturally until 28 weeks pregnant mothers have high blood pressure to the risk of a young child to make a decision immediately.

The baby born on June 15, 2017, had only 0.5 percent of the baby’s chance of survival, while the baby was the only hope of poor parents and waited for 35 years, and the hospital decided to pay 75 percent of the cost of surgery, he said.

However, the fact that a girl who started milking during a seven-week period of blood sucked up the ambulance, but cautioned that after four-and-a-half months, children would face a respiratory disease while sleeping, including the risk of infection.

By the attention of the medical team and trying hard not to keep children away from the eyes, this baby gets stronger after more than 210 days in the emergency department, the hospital sends him to his parents to take home.

‘Everything else is normal, she looks beautiful and alive. Our nurse names her to say I’m Miss India’s new Miss Word,’ said Dr.


















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