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On The Day His Wife Terrible of he Snake.

Looking at the paper, Mr. Wang could not hold back tears knowing the truth. My wife is in the hospital. Taking advantage of her grandmother is looking, Tung rushed home to take a bath, eat.

The evening rushed to his wife did not do anything, now he has been unbearable. Washed finish feeling in the mouth much better, Tung prepared items to his wife. As soon as he stepped out into the living room, he nearly fell over when he saw the strange snake peeking out the door. This is a rarely seen albino serpent, his eyes reddened staring at his parents, his tongue constantly unbending, causing Tung to look at him.

Standing for a moment, Tung regained the spirit. Seeing the snake’s strange behavior, it does not mean to harm him but to straighten up the altar. Suddenly, Tung suddenly remembered, yesterday his wife suddenly painful labor, he hurried to take his wife but not yet burn incense informed parents. Thought so, Tung rushed to the altar, took some compressed incense.

Just in the forest, Tung suddenly felt strange, as if someone’s eyes are looking at him, but that is the look of affection, love. Burned incense, is going to leave him suddenly found at the bottom of the incense stick out a corner of the paper. Thinking for a moment, he decided to take a look at what it was.

After reading the paper inside, Tung died. This is the result of the examination of the couple. Both couples are difficult to have children, the possibility of conception is only a few percent. Sure he will worry, so his wife hid and said that their health is normal. But the piece of paper attached to the new thing that made him die standing. It says: ‘Even if only a few percent, we still believe and hope. May your parents bless us!

Tung recalled the words wife said. She always claims that ‘This child is extremely lucky, thank you parents’. At that time, he was still immersed in happiness without notice, only carefree followers. But now, he is sure that the couple they have today is thanks to their parents. His eyes were red, he knelt down, saying:

– We are grateful to your parents!
Life Lessons: Despite the death of their parents, the best things are for their children. Therefore, have to live with them to the end of his life.
A short story piece designed to give the reader meaningful messages about life, people, and the way in which people interact in society.

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