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The Story of Selling Drug Woman Because…….

Go to primary school for a year and then sell drugs for her drug store. She has a stable job and a stable salary. Because you want to hire someone to trust you should tell him.

“She has a stable job and a stable salary. Because you want to hire someone to trust you should tell him. Listening to the cousin who said that he also has the promise to be nailed to the column will receive his wife to guide more and get into the work after the completion of Long also discussed with his wife and decided to let his wife go to school. At that time, Long had even borrowed money for his wife to study, his children were small but he still tried to overcome. Thanks to his mother at home for help, his wife and children on the weekend to go to work, day and night to pay for child support and repayment.

Then everything is over, hard to stay behind when Thuyen finish work. The couple tried to do business and built the house. Every day see the Long sweaty sweat while his wife is clean, white sitting in the air conditioning, people still teasing him carefully not lose his wife. However, Long never feared this because he knew the couple would never betray each other. Than Thuy is a woman obediently never heard anything before, even her mother-in-law must praise his daughter-in-law has nothing to do with his wife. Although he has to work but his income is almost double his wife so old his wife very much, he never dare to mess with her husband. Long believed his wife to let his wife manage the economy completely. When the husband built his house more respect for his wife because his wife knows how to spend reasonable to save the house.

But life can not be expected. Long so trusting and loving Shui so, but his wife is not a wife as radical as he always thought. It was not accidental that the galaxy began to whisper gossiping and then shot through to Long to pay attention to his wife. But Long always thinks the tongue tongue of the new evil so should be dismissed all do not care.

It is true that at primary school, Thuy had a sympathy for a classmate who had a wife. He is also a boarder, so the two are easy to talk to each other. But when they finished school and Thuy came home, they had a hard time meeting each other. So you have to meet a month at a vacation home. At the time he went to Thuy district, at the time Thuy excuse to go to get their sister to meet.

Thuy still care about her husband and family so Long could not find any. Long haul loading and unloading unfortunately fell, so many people overwhelmed the spinal column to be affected to lie down for months. You must apply for temporary leave at home for your husband. No chance to get out so Thuy and lovers do not meet each other very uncomfortable.

That evening the husband’s husband had to lie under the house to transmit a few bottles of water Thuy risked his lover about his home to howls. She deliberately locked outside her husband’s room and then opened the door to the mistress. Son to her grandmother, the sky is dark blue Road is empty, no one should Thuy peace is not detected by anyone.

They did not meet each other until recently, so they just met Thuy, who rushed to her bed in the bed of the couple.

– Lightly, my husband is downstairs listening now.

– Fear of that guy, it is lying in a few months is not sure where to get up.

Think husband of the love will not do anything so he just pushed on to make more powerful to increase the excitement of anyone who was forced to overwhelmed suddenly shouted a loud sentence: “Oh my dear.” Knowing that the mouth shut silent, but it was too late.

Just two minutes later the door of the room was open, his wife did not have time to escape when the three men stepped on him firmly. Then Long knew everything and called his relatives to help him capture his wife’s mistress. Thuy told him home and the guy was beaten a hard life has spread to the district. Everyone also said that Thuy is too stupid to self-break a happy family, a husband too loved his but many people also responsible for his wife too long, too informed wife should be plugged so horny pain.

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