Dentists are shocked because they find strange things in a man's mouth | News

Dentists are shocked because they find strange things in a man’s mouth

Dr Howard Farran is a world-renowned dentist who is also a writer and teacher, also known as the best-selling dental blogger, on the Internet.


He is the CEO and founder of, an online dental association and publishing magazine. Indeed, he has seen almost every person and in the mouth of a person, so when he shares photos or stories on Facebook, you see that it is interesting.

His latest postings shocked everyone because it was a huge clump of cocaine that was caused by cocaine addiction inside the patient’s mouth. This photo is a disgraceful example, but it has become commonplace for people who use cocaine to nose and sometimes septum holes (when two nostrils become one).

Cocaine has disrupted the flow of blood in the whole body, especially in the palate, resulting in burns due to the lack of oxygen. The tissue slowly died, resulting in a breakage. Many patients do not seek immediate treatment because of their embarrassment or fear of using drugs, their stories will be public.









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