Never seen! A Crab attack a Big Bird | News

Never seen! A Crab attack a Big Bird

A crab of crumbs has been shown to be active in the operation of a large marine mammal, making scientists Scared by the turbulence of this rare, deadly attack on the Indian Ocean Chagos Island.

It was said that the “Crab Crab” was raised on a tree and made a salvo attack on the bird in the nest. It used its powerful braces to break down the huge wings of the bird and then pull it down. Last year, Japanese researchers One revealed that crabs can feed up to 3,500 nanometers stronger than other animals, and it can Compared with the biting of the wild animals, such as lions Home.

“This coconut bracket can generate 80 to 100 times the strength of their body,” said Shin-ichiro Oka from the Okinawa Churashima Foundation in Japan. However, the crab in the video seems to weigh about 2 kilograms, so it is easy to break the bones of this large bird.







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