Strangely !! Princess's "cremation" is too tattooed even when scientists agree to bring back…. | News

Strangely !! Princess’s “cremation” is too tattooed even when scientists agree to bring back….

Twenty-five years ago, the bodies of the dynasty’s royal mummies were buried in the snow for 2,500 years in the area. Southwest Siberia.

According to the analysis of the Mamami, the princess of the Pazyryk class during his lifetime, about 100 years before the birth of Kito. This mummy is preserved in the glaciers of the Altai Valley, his remains are wrapped in Chinese luxury silk fabrics.

He is said to have died when he was about 25 years old and was the first patient to diagnose cancer. Six horses, along with their cables, were buried with him for sending him to another world. In the item, there is also a lamb meal and a pack of marijuana to help reduce pain.

His body is shaved and “hair” »Made of horse fur together with a horn, but the most special feature of the body is the well-maintained skin, though Time passes up to 2500 years However, they can clearly see the tattoos on the bodies of the bodies. Visitors see the mummy “tattoos” similar Modern “and it will attract ghost spirits.

The decision to show off the dead bodies at the Gorno Altaisk Public Museum near the site was found by the ethnic minorities. Altai state of the Soviet Union, the local people said: “It is not allowed to disturb the tranquility of the dead, especially the image of They are on show Public media. After the burial ground was excavated, we were hit by earthquakes, floods, rains, rocks, … all unnatural things Before that. “

Therefore, the authorities are planning to bring the body of King Ukok’s body back to the premises. According to the project manager, Akai Kine, “The queen’s body will be repaid in the old place, at the top of the valley. Altai will build a base for memorization. “However, scientists will not completely empty their bodies forever by arranging storage space. Suitable for them to stay alive Further research.




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