The truth story behind Michael Jackson's death long time ago … (Video) | News

The truth story behind Michael Jackson’s death long time ago … (Video)

Michael Jackson predicted that he would be killed by letters he wrote to friends and family members earlier. Will die of over-the-counter drugs in 2009.

The letter was believed to have sent to a number of people, including Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson and sister La Toya, who said the singer had been murdered, helped Serre to continue watching the video below.

In a message sent to the 13 people, he writes: “They tried to kill me and I was scared My life. The problem was first revealed by German businessman Michael Jacobshagen, 34, a friend of more than two. Decade with the singer from an interview with Daphne Barak at the Australian TV Show on Sunday night.

Jacobshagen told Barak that Michael Jackson contacted his cell phone and cried out of Las Vegas. When the actor was preparing to perform in London but pleaded with him to travel from Germany United States to be together.

Michael Jackson did not specify “who” who wanted to kill him. But there are some who are skeptical about AEG’s organizers, who are preparing for a concert in London. To be displayed. Jacobshagen mentioned Michael’s words: “AEG gives me so much pressure … I’m scared of life My “. He was later found dead a few weeks later.

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Video by: Alltime Conspiracies

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