Very Cruel, Manager of Cafe Shop had Fight a Woman almost die because…….. | News

Very Cruel, Manager of Cafe Shop had Fight a Woman almost die because……..

A cafe owner in Vung Tau City, was arrested on charges of aggravating the rape and tattooing a maid with a horrible animal image on her body.


A woman name Nguyen and she is 20 years old told police that her female boss, Nguyen Thi Anh, had become jealous and suspect she had been in love with her husband. G returned to her home in northern Vietnam’s Nghe An province after working for a cafe for a year with triple-headed scalpel, eyebrows and tattoos on her face and chest.

Another servant, Nguyen Thi Huong, 21, was arrested on charges that she had brought the victim to a tattoo shop.
Nguyen told the police that by the end of November, she had been taken by her boss to a homeless house in the city and asked if she had been secretly dating her husband! .

At that time, she was very scared and confessed that she did this, which made him beat her and shaved her head and eyebrows. Meanwhile, her boss also asked her if she had to choose between the options on her face or the tattoo. She finally opted for tattoos, she said.

She said she had tried to clear up the tattoos and get free treatment from a beauty clinic in Hanoi. G also said that she was forced to serve the male customers rather than drink coffee. However, she did not specify anything about sex.

Police found several porn CDs in the cafe. But the cafe owner denied the allegations. However, the police have already accused him of using drugs that could be jailed for three years and suspended their businesses for five years, according to Vietnam’s criminal law.





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