A Man has a Rare Disease and Many Villagers Scare Him Because …

A man with a rare disease that causes on his body, especially his skin, becomes fractured and becomes extremely frightening until his neighbor nicknamed “Bark Man”.

Li Xitan, a 58-year-old Wai Hui resident of Henan province, has been suffering from the disease for nearly six decades. According to the media, he had been diagnosed with the condition since the 1950s, when he had a haircut and then had a stroke.

Since then, he has claimed that this bizarre condition spread to the back of his head, and even on the legs. He added that the rash that occurs is red, in which there are pus.

The report states that this bacterial disease is called psoriasis, which is transmitted by heredity, combined with external factors.His village was not well-known because they were afraid of the disease without the drug and finally decided to live separately so as not to allow others to rest.

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