Really Terrible, This is a lesson to keep in mind when traveling on the road. (Video)

The video footage shows a woman walking across the street and talking on the phone.

“It was a few seconds before a car was crossing the road when a red car came out of the door,” he said. Not to be cautious, the truck collided full and hit a car, it looked so horrible, this happened at the compound of the corpse.

The Sukhothai district’s Suksha district now faces a catastrophe and a serious condition. The emergency team is checking and sending the victim to the hospital. “Then, Post 8 reported that the victim had a reputation as a schoolgirl, From Asia to the rest of its opening to the red car next to a lot of red and car to drive to turn the road without a car, then walked niyeaytousap victims and the most significant street scene happening now, the victim’s husband said that his wife had just brought her daughter as intense abdominal pain Hospital-half then went into business and was traveling back home to get another son was born earlier transactions itself, now victim in serious condition, not life or death.






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