So Terrible, Before the plane crashed and fall down the pilot said…..

Although air travel, especially by airplane travel safer than other way, the accident is inevitable. Every tragic plane crash caused the damage and the loss of many lives.

It should be noted that when they examined the crash was observed that before the crash the pilot (Pilot) Say a few words with the same before the incident occurred. Richard Paul, who is a pilot, a Swiss, said that before the plane crashed, pilot, Swiss say two words in English, “Goodbye Everybody” or “Goodbye everyone.”

In fact, in 1970, the Swissair SR 330 was traveling from Zürich to Tel Aviv and was hit by a terrorist attack .15 minutes after the bombing took place, he said, adding that it was a habit or a principle among Swiss pilots who knew the plane was in danger. The airplane can not handle and the black smoke on the plane.

A Swiss pilot knew he was unable to recover and said Goodbye everybody, “Goodbye to everyone” to passengers and agents at the airport.





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