Strangely !! The Mysterious Cave has Been Buried for More Than 2,000 Years | News

Strangely !! The Mysterious Cave has Been Buried for More Than 2,000 Years

The story of keeping the body for over two thousand years in China has been famous all over the world for many years.

Until now, none of the scientists have been able to interpret that at the time, they used a technique that could not make the corpulpus corporeal and normal in both the internal organs. Lady of Dai, also known as Xin Zhui, lived in the Han Dynasty (206 BC, up to 229 AD), the wife of the eldest son Li Cang of the Dai minority.

She died between 178 and 145 BC before the age of about 50. Death could be due to a heart attack that scientists believe is the first case.The body of the body seems to be soft, both arms and legs can fold. The units are not damaged, and scientists can check if she has type A blood. What’s so striking is that she still has hard hair and eyelids that make it hard for scientists to believe.

Xin Zhui’s coffin was spotted in a hut in Changsha, Hunan Province, China in 1971 when workers were digging underground tanks. Ms. Zhui’s body is wrapped up in over 20 layers and stored in a four-story coffin, and uses charcoal and clay so firmly as the bacteria can not penetrate.

Until now, however, scientists have not been able to explain how they have used more so that the body can not be corrupted because it is usually impossible. The body was then kept in the Hunan Provincial Museum for further investigation.




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