The a doctor surgery a tumor under the armpit of a young woman.

The tumor is very dangerous disease that many people afraid it because some it can be to cancer. It’s a that many people chant with disgust. But it was a relief for patients suffering from underarm abscess for a long time.

The clip was recorded at a clinic in California, while Dr. Martin Lewis, a physician who treated Apply a knife to the skin under the right arm of the girl swollen with a large abscess. As soon as the abscess rupture, a lot of blood flowed to the blood.

The doctor said. Many tissues are infected with bacteria, which causes abscesses and blisters around the armpit as seen. But now it has all been eliminated. After surgery, the woman still has to treat the infected wound until it disappears.

Abscess is caused by severe skin infection. So when the abscess should not be squeezed out by itself. The doctor should be treated as soon as possible. Before the infection spread.







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