The Long Snake fights with a pistachio in the palm for the last 3 hours … (Video)

Thailand: A king snake or cobra snake named a black, glossy black name fights blood-soup with a small python About 3 hours of villagers were spotted near a coconut palm on a plantation in the province of Krabi.

Thailand, After accidentally encountering the two snakes, villagers seem surprised but do not go for them. But he called a rescue team, grabbed a snake to see, bruised to remove from the above-mentioned compound. Experts have arrived at the scene and no immediate action has been taken Over 1.5 meters long, the King’s head is more than 5 meters long.

The python tried to escape from the venom of a poisonous snake, but did not seem to have any way because the snake bites. Straight. After a while, it’s likely that the sound of people standing at it would have stopped the hair from the python without eating it. No food and drove it into the pond. After seeing it descend, the rescue team of five survived the snake No cages have been reached. They picked up the cage and threw it out in the jungle, and the python died.

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Videos By: Workpoint News ข่าวเวิร์คพอยท์

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