A Farmer Traps a Mouse But He aw an Alien (Video) | News

A Farmer Traps a Mouse But He aw an Alien (Video)

Very surprise after a Mexican farmer handed over a strange beast caught in his rats hidden in a corn farm near his home. If you look at the appearance of this strange creature, it looks like half the reptile and almost half human.

When the farmer went to his corn farm as he grew up, he found something stuck with his mouse trap. At first, he only thought of a mouse, but when he came close, he saw the strange creature. Fearing that the animal could attack him because it was bruising his teeth, the farmer also carried the strange beast that had been caught in the trap to drop into the water until he died.

He then put his body in the fridge and then reported to Mexican news agency, and then the scientist took the body to the test site. The farmer said that as he arrived and saw the strange animal trapped, he saw the same animal who had escaped after seeing him.

After the experiment, the scientists confirmed that the genetic material of the animal was not present on the planet and that its structure was semi-reptile and half human. Scientists have confirmed that it is a very intelligent animal because its brain is as big as it is.
Please watch the video below:






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