If The War Between USA Fight with North Korea, So at South Korea will be the worst too. | News

If The War Between USA Fight with North Korea, So at South Korea will be the worst too.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned the White House that even a small-scale and limited attack against North Korea will likely lead to a massive, full-scale war outbreak that has triggered a wave of casualties.


According to the release of Russian Sputnik on Friday, January 19, 2018. The sporadic warnings were made after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson threatened such attacks in the DPRK if Pyongyang still does not drop nuclear weapons.

Their down. “There is no such attack, no matter whether you use nuclear-powered nuclear or not, you will get the civilian as well as the wounded and the massacre,” the official told reporters. Missed.

” It is worth noting that, besides its rapidly progressing nuclear weapons program, the DPRK is believed to have between 2,700 and 5,500 tons of chemical weapons and chemical weapons, and since 2011 it has estimated that the isolated communist country could have the third-largest stockpile of its kind. World.

In addition, the DPRK also has a lot of heavy weapons, many of which are deployed near the border with South Korea. Although the claim is controversial, some military sources believe the DPRK’s forces have the ability to strike aggressively on Seoul, not too far from the border of the two countries, before the US military or the South Korean military can Hand over, and remember that about 25 million people, nearly half of them The total population of South Korea is living in Seoul’s capital and surrounding areas.

Also, the threat of attacks from the US Secretary of State and warnings of the results of such a move by US lawmakers came as the two Koreas, the North and the South, were restoring positive relations between each other through the establishment of dialogue and Cooperation around the event Olympic Winter 2018, which will take place on the territory of Korea, from February to March.

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