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How to relieve pain and treat eye disease

Ocular eye disease is caused by glaucoma in the lobe of the eye. From dust into the lining of the eyelid gland that can cause boils or abscesses on Eyelid.

Some country call this eye disease that goat’s eye or eye inflammation in the following cases:
Patients can feel pain on the upper or lower eyelid. The lobes are red and swollen in those areas of the pain
Where swelling can cause pimples and cause bruising.

So if you have these problems, you can bring warm water over your eyes Reduce pain. In addition, there are other relaxation supplements such as: Tomatoes: This method will quickly relieve pain. Cut tomatoes to pieces and place on the eyelids for 5 minutes. Do this three times a day.

Cucumber: Cucumber has the ability to refresh and relax. Cut the cucumber and squeeze it in the eyelid. It will slow down the eyes. Balm kangaroo: Cut off the meat off the eyelid. It will quickly reduce your eyes and eliminate pain immediately. Do this three times a day.

Sesame: Place a teaspoon of hot water in a glass of water. Let it cool. Apply only water and then dip it in the water and then put it on your eyelids. Follow this procedure three times a day to ensure that your eyes are rapidly disappearing.

In addition, ocular infection on the lid may cause side effects for patients such as: Affect the eyes, causing eye pain and difficulty in opening the eyes. If you do not get the treatment on time, the disease may spread elsewhere Also cause inflammation of the tissue surrounding the eyelid and, if this bloating exists Severe conditions can also cause loss of sight.

To avoid bruising on the eyelid, when you travel, you need to wear glasses. To prevent the dust from entering the eye, it can cause bruising or abnormal bleeding. When you come back from anywhere, you must always clean your face.
When the eye has a problem with it, do not scratch your eyes often. In particular, if you have an issue with your eyes, hurry up to see your doctor in a timely manner. Serious and difficult to treat.

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