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A Man Fight a Dog During His Wife Pregnancy finally that dog…….

A man fight a dog until dead, killing animals after he encountered an incredible incident on his own family.

The man was named Tuan a few months ago, while his wife began to get pregnant, one day, a cage dog lying in the house Tuan also scratched him away, but because of the plea of ​​the wife, they allowed the dog to stay and take care. The next month, the dog became ill, and he bit bolts of Tuan’s wife, causing injuries, causing Tuan to get angry and pulled his dog to death.

Tuan’s wife suffered a lot of pain after seeing her husband kill that dog. Speaking of Tuan’s baby, doctors checked her normal health condition, but after being bitten by a dog, she suffered from severe abdominal pain. Tuan decided to send him to the hospital, and doctors said that the baby was not comfortable until the baby was born.

As the baby was born prematurely and using surgical procedures, Tuan was worried, however, doctors successfully rescued him, and the strange thing was that the baby was born with up to 16 toes, even though doctors were not convinced during the shoot, the baby was physically fit.

Tuan was heartbroken because of the worry for his future, until one day he remembered that he had tortured a cage dog to death so that the attack on his son and his wife. At this point, Tuan decided to take the child to surgery, but before the operation, he threw the child to incense in the chapel to ask for the spirit of the dog. As a result, Tuan’s children were also successfully cured, and they were afraid of killing animals since that day.



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