A Man Living and Married With S.e.x Doll and He love…….. | News

A Man Living and Married With S.e.x Doll and He love……..

Dirk and Jenny aren’t like normal couples. one another and share a lot of their private time together. He love that doll very much. Moreover the only thing that sets them apart is Jenny is a ‘real doll’ that Dirk bought for $6,750.

Dirk and Jenny have a fixed daily schedule together for living in happiness life. Every evening at 6 pm they are sitting on the sofa watching television together that look so sweet. And especially they have been living together in Dirk’s flat for 4 years now, after Dirk suffered a breakdown from feeling lonely.

With Neil Young’s Such a Woman playing, they tied the knot in Dirk’s flat, and instead of a wedding ring. However their relationship apart from that of simply a sex doll is that Dirk has forged a true genuine relationship with Jenny.
He always talk to doll take care the doll that is very good feeling for him and he think that is love.

Documenting the couple’s day to day lives,the photographer, Sandra Hoyn, discovered the 40-year-old man bathed Jenny on Sundays, they wrote a blog together and watched football in front of the TV side by side. Dirk, however hasn’t told any of his family or friends, including his child from a previous marriage.

The photographer’s biggest challenge, was coming to terms with treating Jenny as the person Dirk sees her to be to not just to see the doll just as a doll, She actually started to feel her presence.









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