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Villagers attack strange animal almost die, in fact it is …

A monster has entered the village of Sibu on the island of Borneo, Malaysia, causing many locals to be shocked by its terrifying appearance.

The locals think that it is a strange alien so far that they have been evicted from the hard-to-reach village but have finally regretted the truth. According to sources, the monster was beaten by the locals until he was unconscious.

Later on, they were analyzing what this strange creature was. But locals still can not know what it is. They can only see that they look a bit like a dog, but it’s a stretched body and sometimes it can walk two feet. However, this pitiable animal is not really a strange creature. It’s just a bear, a type of Sun Bear that has only skin problems, causing hair loss, which looks like a monster like the locals mentioned above.

Herman Tutu, a 33-year-old farmer, told AFP that they had just beaten the monster out of the village by shock and fear. “We are so shocked! No one in the village ever saw this animal before. ” After the monster was awake, he walked with her, shaking her head, feeling no fear in her body, and trying to walk away from the villagers.

According to the source, over two to three months after the bears were spotted near a farm. But luckily this was known as a pearl of a bear, rescued by the rescuers to beat, to save and to treat. The bear is falling into such a state of fear because of her skin infection and lack of red blood cells, resulting in anemia and even the presence of pests in her body.

Fortunately, the bear appeared to be rescued on time, and if its health improved, rescuers would release it into the forest for freedom.










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